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Exhibition staff

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We offer you our experience and professional competence, advise you before, during and after the trade fair and provide experienced, qualified and reliable specialist and auxiliary staff. Best Binding has an international and qualified staff pool with interpreters, hostesses, models and artists, as well as set-up and dismantling assistants who are available in the short term. We will respond immediately after the order has been placed and will organize your desired exhibition staff immediately. Our database contains a very large selection of sympathetic and reliable measurement personnel.

Here is a small selection:

  • Traide Fair hostess
  • Foreign languages hostess
  • Grid Girls
  • VIP- / Info-Hostessen, Model hostess
  • Promotors
  • Jumper, Helping Hands
  • Service staff, Kitchen staff, Barkeeper
  • Moderators, Artist and Musician

Your contact person Jana Schneider will be happy to advise you personally – at the trade fair or by telephone.

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